Carilex AirMax

Non-Powered Mattress


The AirMax is a non-powered, self-adjusting mattress replacement that automatically redistributes pressure by actively moving with the patient. The air-foam technology works when pressure is applied to the mattress, the internal air valves on each of the 8 cells, allow air in or out to redistribute the pressure across all the cells. This active air transfer technology provides a constant low pressure for the patients at ‘High Risk’ of developing pressure ulcers.

  • At Risk to High
  • SWL- up to 250 kgs
  • Pressure sore grading

This medium pressure relieving mattress provides reliable static pressure care in a preventative setting. Tried and trusted in facilities nation-wide, this mattress combines outstanding durability, a high standard and consistency of care and excellent value. An extensive variety of configurations are available providing for a wide range of patient needs and requirements

  • Size: 1980L x 1050 x 150mm King Single Width
  • 3 Layer Foam Mattress:
  • 52/60 - Top Layer
  • 39/140 – Middle Layer
  • 35/200 – Base Layer & Walls
  • Waterproof Carflex Cover
  • Patient pressure care rating medium - high
  • SWL 150KG