Centrius Pump

No Guess work is required!


A key feature of the Centrius range is its ability to MINIMISE RISK to both the patient and the organisation. The Centrius system has been designed to be EASY TO USE whilst providing patients with optimal pressure care. Centrius does the thinking for you, with exclusive features such as Auto-set, Auto-upright and Auto-adjust functions.

Carilex Centrius pump is compatible with multiple Carilex mattresses:

All mattresses are designed to facilitate blood circulation and provide maximum tissue pressure redistribution and relief for treating and preventing pressure injuries. It is the ideal therapy system providing a low noise level and a comfortable modular cell design for superior sleeping quality.

Features of Centrius Pump

  1. Cable management - Comes with a pocket on the side for no-fuss cable and cord management.
  2. Quick-connect coupling - Provides an easy connection between the power unit and the mattress.
  3. CPR - Deflates the entire mattress for an emergency.
  4. Patient Envelopment - Envelop and offload patient body mass by expanding the therapy contact area and depth.
  5. Four Directional Stretch Coverlet - High quality washable, four-way stretch, shear force reduction, while providing excellent moisture permeability.
  6. Optional Foam Base - Extra 2’’ foam protection for patient support.

Other Features

  • Lightweight Power Unit
  • Mattress Overlay
  • Mattress Replacement
  • MAX Inflation
  • Memory Recall
  • Multiple Mattress Sizes
  • Pressure Redistribution
  • Whisper Quiet
  • 5" Air Cell mattress
  • 7" Air Cell mattress
  • 8" Air Cell mattress