Enovate Slimline Workstation

For Small Spaces

If your facility has small patient rooms with very limited space, our ultra-compact Slimline workstation can maneuver around those tight spaces with ease.

Mobile Documentation

The Slimline is an economical, small solution offering your clinical staff the tools they need for mobile documentation.


  • Small Footprint: Designed for ease of mobility in tight spaces, the ultra-compact Slimline workstation (20″ x 20″ base) can maneuver into and out of small patient rooms with ease.
  • Lightweight:The nurse-friendly weight of 45 lbs. reduces nursing fatigue.
  • Laptop Configurations Available: The laptop fits safely inside the work surface while the screen is displayed.
  • LCD Configuration Display: Ideal for Thin Client, Mini PC, and All-In-One computing solutions.
  • Tilt and Pan Monitor: Adjust for sitting, standing, or face-to-face patient engagement.
  • Full-sized Keyboard Tray: The large worksurface includes an extendable mouse surface for left- and right-hand use.
  • Solid Aluminum Construction: The lightweight yet durable design reduces nursing fatigue.
  • Height Adjustment Pedal: Center pedal raises and lowers the column for proper ergonomics in both sitting and standing positions.
  • Large Worksurface: Plenty of spill-proof room (18.5″ x 11.25″)for preparing meds, tests, and paperwork.

Top-Selling Configurations

  • Enovate Slimline for LCD, Non-Powered
  • Enovate Slimline for LCD with MobiusPower
  • Enovate Slimline for Laptop Non-Powered
  • Enovate Slimline for Laptop with MobiusPower