Rhythm Mobile Device Management

Monitor and manage your mobile EHR workstations remotely – even across multiple hospital and provider locations.


  • VISIBILITY – Managing rolling workstations in a busy 24/7 hospital strains IT resources.
  • PATIENT CARE – Patient care is disrupted when workstations are not available, charged and ready
  • PLANNING – Battery and workstation usage data is necessary for smart purchasing and planning


  • REAL-TIME VISIBILITY into the location, health, and usage of mobile EHR workstations
  • ENHANCED PATIENT CARE through reduced downtime and increased patient satisfaction
  • LOWER COST OF OWNERSHIP through increased IT productivity, remote diagnostics, better planning, and procurement

Rhythm Dashboard

The RHYTHM Dashboard is your view into actionable real-time data, so you can make decisions quickly and easily about your battery powered mobile EHR workstations.

1. Real-Time Status

Real-time workstation usage and battery performance are key decision support metrics that ensure workstations are optimized for your staff.

2. Battery Health

At a glance, you can view an entire battery fleet to identify trouble areas. Within seconds, you will know which batteries need to be refreshed now and for the future.

3. Asset Snapshot

Keep a clear view of your total asset inventory with one concise report.

4. Superior Support

Your dedicated account manager is one-click away, to offer you superior service and support you can rely on.

5. Notifications

Device notification history is key in understanding recurring issues.

Rhythm’s Additional Unique Features & Benefits


Rhythm gives you the ability to reboot and locate workstations and batteries remotely, which reduces downtime and workflow interruption.

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