Next Gen Intelligent Workstations Arrive Down Under

Electronic workstations have come a long way. Initially just a computer on a cart, today’s mobile workstations are sophisticated clinical tools.

MELBOURNE, February, 28 — Innovate Care is proud to introduce the Enovate Medical range of mobile workstations to the Australian market. An intelligent range of workstations designed to reduce nursing fatigue, enhance patient engagement, endure the rigors of hospital settings, and perform without interruption throughout a clinician’s shift.

“Innovate Care is proud to introduce Australia to the most advanced range of mobile workstations available,” says Chris Pearson, Director of Innovate Care. “This is a radically different workstation design that acknowledges today’s reality for healthcare staff.”

Increases Connectedness – Mobile device management software, gives the IT staff remote visibility on the real-time status and location of every workstation in the hospital.

Reduces Nursing Fatigue – The lightweight design and casters allow nurses to navigate the hospital with ease.
Endures the Hospital Environment – Extensive durability testing means workstations that are built to last. From hospital-grade disinfectants to the wear and tear of near-constant use, the the Enovate Medical range of mobile workstations will withstand the rigors characteristic of any hospital setting.

Extends Battery Life – custom power management technology extends battery life up to 30 percent which reduces replacement costs. Longer lasting batteries allow nurses to work with greater continuity and fewer interruptions, reducing the risk of errors.

“We looked at the challenges the hospital faced managing a fleet of mobile workstations and created something valuable that fully syncs to provide real-time data on the hospital’s capital assets so informed decisions on technology investments can be made.” Doug Gallacher, VP Sales, Enovate Medical said.

Enovate Medical’s Mobile Workstations will debut at Healthcare Week 2020 in Sydney, Booth 55, March 25 – 27, Sydney Australia.

Hear Doug present on ‘Bedside EHR Documentation Equipment:  Key Insights on the Past, Present and Future of Point-of-Care Computing from an Industry Veteran’ at 2:30 on Wednesday 25 March, 2020.

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